Warehouse Storage & Distribution

D&M adapt a lean thinking process to Warehouse and Distribution, offering an unrivalled combination of customer intimacy and operational excellence. We have our own extensive network of dedicated quality Warehouse facilities, ergonomically designed to satisfy any forward-thinking business. Our own facilities have been strategically selected, to maximise geographic scope and provide a local solution in Ipswich, Birmingham, Southampton and Leeds. There are various storage options from racked to bulk, inside/outside and HMC Bonded/ETSF Registered. We support all our handling and warehouse activities with further shared facilities, carefully selected to provide warehouse services of the best quality.

We pride ourselves on our cargo handling ability through our storage facilities, handling diverse product types packed in many quantities. We are also proud to provide a vast range of integrated services worldwide, as well as specialist services catering to the needs specific to industries including but not limited to Automotive, Engineering, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Medical and Aerospace. 

Our services include: 

  • Insertions
  • Hand Bagging
  • Re-packing
  • Jacketing and Re-jacketing
  • Palletisation
  • Product Re-work
  • Labelling and Stickering
  • Storage
  • Export Packing
  • Cover Mounting
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Bar Coding

D&M provide quality cost effective Distribution Solutions to diverse markets, ensuring products arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. A dedicated and flexible resource of vehicles and equipment provide transport solutions however heavy or large in volume. We know the importance of accountable logistics, time-sensitive and responsive solutions, producing fulfilment programmes while allowing your business to grow.

This is supported by the very best in vehicle telematics featuring:

  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Consignment and vehicle tracking
  • Route optimisation